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The definition of ‘renovate’ is to ‘make new again’ – to revive. That was the brief for the existing building of this project.

We completed a fully customised renovation of this period property, with a modern extension. The bungalow structure consisted of rubble filled stone walls. We first stripped the existing gypsum plaster to allow the walls to breathe and prevent damp and mould build up. Upon stripping the internal walls we discovered they were built with handmade clay bricks, which were over 120 years old. To retain the features, we re-pointed the brick and fireplaces rather than covering with plaster. Our design team incorporated feature lighting into the overhead bulk heads to high-light these period features. Our aim was to retain as many features as we could, such as the high ceilings, fireplaces, and brick work.

A ‘remodel’ is to ‘alter the structure of’ – to remake. We remodelled the kitchen area, to create a more contemporary and open-concept layout. To achieve this, we not only reconfigured the layout of the current kitchen, but we also added a small extension to incorporate a WC and a utility/plant room which creates a functional space for this busy family’s needs.

Whether your project is a remodel, a renovation, or mix of both, Ox Construction can help you achieve your dream home.

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