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OX Timber Frame

Irish Specialists in Timber Frame Construction and Pyrite Remediation.


Providing a quality service that has considerably less impact on the environment.


Our team is well versed in all aspects of timber engineering and seeks to deliver real and workable solutions.

Sustainable & Efficient

Are you looking to timber frame for your new build or rebuild?

OX Timber Frame is your local timber frame company offering a sustainable, efficient timber frame structure which is built off-site.

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What We Do

OX timber frame panels are built off site allowing us to cater to a variety of clients including; new build’s, renovations and homes affected by Pyrite or Mica.

We work with your architect, engineer or builder to provide precision engineered timber frames built at our off site facilities which allows for greater flexibility and tailoring to bespoke features.

Advantages of Timber Frame

  • Highly structural, sustainable and efficient.
  • Lifetime savings due to energy efficient structure.
  • Speed of installation allows for a quicker overall build time.
  • Reduction of waste on-site.
  • Greater control and flexibility to the construction process.
  • Considerably less impact to the environment.
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