Project Details

Before we can get started, we request you submit project details, if possible, with appropriate drawings and a schedule of works.

Once we have received your information, we will schedule a FREE consultation to establish a working relationship where we discuss your project details to ensure our building system is the right fit for your project goals.

Our Sales team will contact the client with a detailed quotation.

Project Design

Our design services use the leading timber frame software to provide detailed manufacturing drawings to our construction team.

Working with the client’s architectural drawings, the design team will calculate structural loading and ensure the timber frame design complies with building regulations.

Our designers will produce full general arrangement drawings for the project and submit them for client approval.

Foundation Survey


You may require a foundation survey to confirm the foundation is as specified on the drawings.

Our design specialist will visit your site to carry out a detailed survey which allows the timber frames to be designed to accommodate any potential variances in the foundation.

This will save on any potential cost for re-working of the timber frames to suit unforseen discrepancies in the foundation.

Cost: €250

Book Foundation Survey

Timber Frame Manufacturing

Following the panel design drawings, our assembly team constructs the timber frames in controlled conditions ensuring a quality product for the client. The frames are then packaged for delivery to site.

Site Installation

Our site erections teams construct the timber frame following the assembly drawings. Experienced timber frame carpenters ensure quality procedures are adhered to during the construction phase.

All site workers are insured and trained and certified in the relevant requirements of Health and Safety .

Site engineers ensure compliance with design and sign off each area of the build as required.

Handover Stage

Upon completion, a final walkdown with the client’s chartered engineer is carried out.