10 reasons to choose OX Timber Frame

1. Reduce build time by up to 20%

Timber construction is a far quicker method of building or extending a house than block-laying. Once framing material is delivered to your site, depending on the size and design, it can be structurally complete within a week to ten days reducing the build time by weeks when compared to a traditional build with masonry blocks and steel.

2. Precision and quality

The entire structure is calculated, engineered and cut and assembled by a team of professionals that works together day in, day out. Our timber frame process allows a higher standard of workmanship and quality control for each individual project.

3. Your budget can go further.

The initial design and construction of your timber frame may be more expensive than traditional block-built homes, however the savings on other elements of the build can reduce costs. Labour costs are lower, especially if the block build isn’t tightly coordinated or is delayed in any way by weather. Less material waste on site will reduce the cost for skip hire. Rental costs can be significantly reduced due to the quickness of timber frame.

4. Changes or alterations are quick and easy.

If, for any reason you would like to alter the layout of walls or window and door openings, the changes can be carried out quickly with limited impact to the rest of the structure.

5. No delays due to bad weather.

Harsh weather can halt progress on house-building sites. Heavy downpours can impact mortar consistency and blocklaying must stop when the temperature dips to 2°C or below. Timber frame construction can continue in most conditions.

6. Less waste on site.

Your site isn’t subject to the same amount of wet work going on. Wash out from cement mixers and pallet-loads of blocks killing grass or blocking driveways is reduced. Timber frame materials can be delivered and assembled quickly and efficiently in days. Timber waste can be recycled for use in a number of ways such as wood chippings for gardens and animal bedding.

7. Environmental benefits.

Timber is classed as a renewable material. It has the lowest embodied CO2 of any building material locks in carbon dioxide for the duration of its existence. Timber products require far lower energy inputs to produce than other building materials such as concrete, masonry blocks and steel. Timber frame built homes are more favourable for the environment and result in a lower carbon footprint.

8. Better insulation

OX Timber frame panel insulation build up can be tailored to the client’s specification. Our typical wall build up will meet insulation requirements if your build falls under part L regulations (new builds and some extensions) with a U-Value of 0.15 W/m2k.

9. Achieve a higher BER (Building Energy Rating)

OX Timber frames are highly insulated and airtight with improved energy efficiency helping you to achieve an A rated performance home resulting in lower running costs for fuel, as well as carbon saving.

10. Design flexibility

The design possibilities of a timber frame home are limitless. Despite being relatively lightweight, timber can be engineered as structurally strong as steel. Timber frame design and production can be as bespoke as your individual design perspective.

To find out more about how to go about planning a new build or extension using timber frame, explore our website and get in touch with our team for a no-obligation chat.

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